• Music Production



Under Glasuren,
Rossman & De Skamløse

Rossman is an artist who is constantly developing as a songwriter, and we’ve worked together right from the very start. The lyrics play a central role in Rossman's music, so the production needed to highlight and support this.


In this production, the idea was to rebuild the texts and form a structure for the songs that supported the meaning and message both musically and lyrically. The talented backing back "De Skamløse" were an integral part of the collaboration process and through direction and production we worked together to shape the songs into something new and exciting. The sound we created was intentionally meant to be a little cleaner, but with some exciting and unpredictable dynamics to create an interesting universe.

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1. Bakerst I Klasserommet
2. Charizard I Glins
3. Papa Lou
4. Blakk Igjen
5. Voksenvirus
6. Sørgevise For Unge Herremenn
7. Skarpe Knivar