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Self-titled Album,

Recording and mixing for Dunbarrow's self-titled debut album recorded at Støy Studio in Trondheim, Norway. The album consist of material that was written over several years, with a rotating lineup of band members.


Dunbarrow is a band inspired by the spirt of classic 1970's unpolished demo tapes, so it was important to bring create that same feeling through the music production. Everything was recorded live to in order to capture the rawness and energy in the songs. Vocals where then overlaid in the studio afterwards.

The mixing focuses primarily on capturing a warm tone by creating a strong sense of space and feeling. It was important that the production reflected a live feeling, and an honest and unpolished sound. That's why I allowed for imperfections and distortions while recording, finally sending the mix to tape and slightly slowing down the speed of the recording.The result was a creative, challenging and unconventional project.

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1. Try And Fail
2. The Wanderer 
3. You Knew I Was a Snake
4. My Little Darling
5. Lucifer's Child
6. Guillotine
7. The Crows Ain't Far Behind
8. Forsaken 
9. Witches of the Woods